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2021 Update

Since 1994, City Critters has continuously served NYC's animals in need — through weather events, blackouts, a terrorist attack, and yes, through this current pandemic.

We have created a contactless interview and application process and we bring the cats to their new homes via curbside service, all the while adhering to our thorough application review standards. We have not yet returned to our Petco and PetSmart adoption locations and will not do so until public showings can be made truly safe for our volunteers and our cats, but we are successfully placing cats into loving homes and we are always seeking to build our foster home network.

We have some super special kitties looking for homes:

Inky and July

Inky and July

Inky and July are the best of friends. They are partners in crime and they play together regularly. They'll keep you entertained.

Individually, they have uniquely endearing qualities. Inky (white on her face) is the more people-focused one who loves to be near her human, especially the one who feeds her. She can be picked up and cuddled once you have earned her trust. She'll even bring you her favorite toys (balls and furry mice), and she'll play near you. Inky is very expressive and will give you a look when she wants something that you simply won't be able to resist.

July will taunt you with her cuteness, lying on her back completely stretched out. She'll do this on anywhere. You'll be tempted to rub her belly but she'll remind you that it's for display purposes only, and scoot away before you get near enough.

These ladies need an experienced and patient cat parent who is willing to move at their pace as they learn to accept all of the benefits and luxuries that you have to offer them.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy

Baby Boy is the mushiest, gushiest, cuddliest, snuggliest, biggest baby boy that ever there was. A few months back, no one would have known that. You see, Baby Boy had lived in the shadow of his much more attention seeking sister for their whole 8 yrs of life and while he was thinking about cozying up to their foster parents, he was hesitant. But once his sister got adopted, he could see that the humans needed some comforting so he took the plunge and hasn't looked back. He loves when they sit side by side on the couch and he gets to squish in between them. A pet from the right, a head scratch from the left. Or when he gets to sleep in between them in bed. Pure Heaven! And since he's making up for lost time, he really wants someone who is around as much as possible! If you can handle the loving Baby Boy has to give, get in touch.


Piper is a sweet old man (14 yrs old) who is looking for a mellow place to rest and relax after his owner passed away. Piper has a few medical issues that are consistent with aging that need to be treated and monitored but nothing is too serious. In fact, his veterinarian was very pleased to find that the once daily medication that Piper is easily taking in a pill pocket, has successfully lowered his blood pressure to within normal limits. And we’ve found a special diet he enjoys eating so we are expecting to see improvement in his kidney functions as well. Piper is being such a good sport and he's so wonderfully compliant. Now he just needs a home with folks willing to continue his care, be his cheerleaders, and provide him all of the love he deserves.

If you are interested in any of these kitties or want to learn more about our adoption process, contact us

Our Adoption Locations

Under normal circumstances, we show animals for adoption at two locations. Our PetSmart adoption center is located in the Flatiron PetSmart store at 1107 Broadway (between 24th and 25th Streets). Come visit us there, or at Petco, 991 Second Ave (between 52nd and 53rd Streets), once we can safely resume our adoptions.

Please email us if you can provide a temporary haven or forever home for any of our kitties!

About City Critters

City Critters is a New York State 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed in 1994. Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals in our city by rescuing and placing stray and abandoned cats, promoting spay/neuter programs, and working with members of our community to find humane solutions to problems involving homeless animals. Donations to City Critters are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our financial statements and IRS designation letter are available upon request.

Our NY State registered rescue organization ID is RR088.

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

City Critters is a member of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

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Pet Adoption Guide

CBSNewYork.com has teamed up with the Mayor’s Alliance to feature a dozen of the top shelters and rescue groups in the city. City Critters is very pleased to be one of the rescue groups included.