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A Valentine’s Two-Fur Event

This Valentine’s Day we are celebrating the love that two cats can have for each other. Adopt one of our bonded pairs by February 18th and we will waive the adoption fee for the second kitty. We are featuring pairs of siblings or best friends who would love to share their lives with each other and with you.

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

These two will steal your heart and kill you with love. They were found in the same outdoor area of the Lower East Side. We don’t know if they are siblings or boyfriend and girlfriend, but it’s clear that they love each other. Bonnie is the bold, friendly one, the clear leader of this duo. Clyde is charmingly shy with an innocence that just melts your heart. When placed in a foster home, Clyde darted straight under a bed. Bonnie went about exploring their new “hotel.” When she had finished her inspection, she went to find Clyde. She gave him a good, long bath and lured him out into the open. He remains on alert, but as long as she is around, he feels safe enough to eat and play and venture out and even seek human love.

Kong and Pirate

Pirate and Kong

Pirate is a tomboy from a litter of four. She can be tough on other cats, a bit of a bully no matter the size of the other cat, but she was smitten by Kong’s charm. Although she was more than twice his size when they met in a foster home, she was always more gentle with him and even let him try to wrestle her to the ground. She seemed to like the big sister role. Not that Kong needs a role model.

Kong was about 5 weeks old when he was turned into the Animal Care Centers. He has all of the confidence in the world. He earned his name by standing on his hind legs and trying to overpower everyone and everything, even at less than 3 lbs. But he is a cuddly, snuggly softy. He loves to be on or near you. He’s a lot bigger now which means that there’s just more to hug.

Skeeter and Johnny

Skeeter and Johnny

These boys are about the same age, mostly black, and have similar personalities: but they are not related, just good pals.

Skeeter was trapped with a few others in a Brooklyn yard. The rescuer took him to the Animal Care Centers. We were asked by Neighborhood Cats to inquire about him because the rescuer thought she might find another option for him. In the end, we just took him in and placed him in a foster home.

Johnny had a rough time before getting to us. He was abandoned in a home and let out by a landlord. He was spotted outside by many folks who wanted to catch and help him, but didn’t know how to go about it. They chased him around, making this scared little guy even more frightened. At our request, a local rescuer properly trapped him and fostered him for awhile, making some progress in getting him more socialized to people.

Eventually we paired the boys up and they bonded immediately. Both cats are still easily spooked, although Skeeter adjusts faster than Johnny. Both are good eaters and super playful. We have had this pair for a long time and would love to see them placed in a home with someone who has a secure and safe environment, lots of patience, and could be satisfied with playing with them but waiting for the love to come over time.

Spicy and Jules

Jules and Spicy

These two lads have no prior connection to each other, in fact they are under the care of two different rescue organizations, but they met in a foster home and quickly became fast friends. Spicy is a Bronx boy found outdoors with three other siblings. His foster tells us that Spicy absolutely adores being petted. He loves chin scratches and snuggling and he has a bright, unflappable personality that allows him to get along with everyone. He even wags his tail!

Jules was spotted up in a tree on the Upper West Side just after Thanksgiving. To everyone’s surprise, he ran down the tree and into the arms of a rescuer. Jules is incredibly sweet, affectionate, and full of purrs. You can pick him up, give him kisses, and pretty much do anything and he will love all of it—no scratching or hissing, ever!

These two youngsters have a blast together and would be thrilled to move to a new home together. You can’t go wrong with these two besties.

Lee and Dominic

Lee and Dominic

We believe that these 7-month-old boys are brothers, they look so much alike. They were found on Roosevelt Island. The rescuer got Lee first and Dominic a few days later. We put Dominic in the same cage as Lee and he immediately joined Lee in the big round bed. They started grooming and then wrestling with each other. They never skipped a beat. The two were fostered for a few months in a home with another cat and although all 3 got along very well, the boys remained very close to each other. They are often found running, pouncing and joining each other in all sorts of kitten mischief. When they returned to our adoption center, they were initially so spooked that Dominic hid in a corner and Lee crouched right on top of him. You can’t go wrong with this pair of brown tabby boys.

Please email us if you can provide a temporary haven or forever home for any of our kitties!

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Maddie's Fund

Maddie's Fund

Thanks to a generous grant from Maddie's Fund received at the end of 2015, we are working on increasing our outreach through social media and strengthening our foster network in order to help as many cats as possible — including cats that need extra TLC to get them ready for adoption, or sspecial promotion to attract adopters.

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

City Critters is a member of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

Mayor's Alliance

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CBSNewYork.com has teamed up with the Mayor’s Alliance to feature a dozen of the top shelters and rescue groups in the city. City Critters is very pleased to be one of the rescue groups included.