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Can you help a special-needs kitty?

Foster homes are urgently needed for many of our recent rescues.

Maroo and Hero


Maroo is always alert, ready for activity, running from room to room, swatting at a dangling toy, or looking out the window. Most of the time, she’s a real love. But because she is so sensitive to her surroundings, she sometimes overreacts to things in her environment. Her tail will puff, her ears will go down and she may get vocal. If you leave her alone during those moments, she soon returns to her usual, lovable self.

Maroo’s perfect home would be with someone who has experience with temperamental cats and can provide an interesting environment that will allow her to release some of her excess energy. She shouldn't live with children or people who can’t tolerate the occasional scratch or nip.


Handsome, 2-year-old Hero spent his first years of life in a home with children and a big pit bull. He learned a lot from the dog so he races over when he hears the key in the front door, and he’ll follow you around as you settle in. His favorite game was chase, and even now it's his activity of choice.

Hero developed crystals and stones in his bladder and became blocked, requiring emergency care. He’s now on Hills CD wet food (he doesn’t like the dry) and he will need that diet for life. He needs someone who won't insist on holding him and will enjoy his high spirits. His human will need to pay close attention to his litter box activity, keep him on his diet and take him to the vet if he has a relapse. He should probably avoid homes with other cats, or with children who want to pick him up.

Shiloh and Jimmy


Shiloh is a declawed 5-year-old. She loves to play, explore boxes, closets, and drawers, meet new people, and hang out near you while you work and sleep. She is vocal: she likes to chitter at birds outside and chirp to her human friends.

She has some emotional and behavioral issues. If she’s not sure about a new place or your intentions, she might swat, growl, lunge and hiss and while (or maybe because) she is front declawed, she might even bite. But given time to settle in, she will reveal her sweet, endlessly cute, amazing self. A stimulating environment with lots of play would be epic for Shiloh. Her perfect person is one who understands sensitive souls like herself and does not need to pick up a cat and hold it all day. Shiloh would prefer to avoid children and traveling.


3-year-old Jimmy may make you work for it, but he’ll reward you with his undivided attention, charm, and snuggly love. He’ll hang out and supervise you from a nook in your bookcase or from on top of a high cabinet.

Jimmy had a severe urinary tract blockage recently, so he needs to be monitored and to stay on his special diet. He gets stressed from time to time. His current foster mom blows gently in his face if he starts to bite her too hard and he’s learning that biting is not good. Like many of us, he's cranky before breakfast. His perfect home is one where he has plenty to do and see, with high places where he can perch. Jimmy needs an experienced cat lover who will be creative rather than upset if he misbehaves and who’ll monitor his litter box activity, adhere to his diet, and take him to the vet if necessary. He should probably avoid children and other cats.

Ariel and Teeny


Ariel (6 years old) can be the sweet, snuggly girl of your dreams once she adjusts to the sounds, smells and activity of a new home. No matter how small your apartment, it’s going to feel ginormous to timid little Ariel!

Ariel’s fear of new places will probably make life stressful in the beginning, but stick with her, show her kindness and patience and in a few weeks, things will turn around. At first she’ll find a remote spot on top of kitchen cabinets, a tall bookcase or under the furniture and then she won’t budge; not to eat, or even to use the litter box, so she needs someone patient and willing to start her off slowly in a bathroom or a cage. Her perfect home would be a quiet environment with no cats, loud, active children, or human party animals.


5-year-old Teeny is wary of new humans at first, but once she knows you, she’ll knead your back to wake you up, nuzzle your face in bed and cuddle up (as long as no jealous cats are around, though she does like them) and head-butt you while you’re working on the computer. She’ll also use Jedi mind tricks to get you to feed her.

Though she hasn’t been formally diagnosed, her vet thinks she has hyperesthesia, which in her case means that she occasionally freaks out and bites her tail excessively. Steroid shots seem to help, so she may need those periodically. Her perfect home would be calm, with adult humans for cuddles and perhaps a friendly cat who would be nice with her. She’s waiting for a patient soul who’ll give her time to adjust.

Please email us if you can provide a temporary haven or forever home for any of our kitties!

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City Critters is a New York State 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed in 1994. Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals in our city by rescuing and placing stray and abandoned cats, promoting spay/neuter programs, and working with members of our community to find humane solutions to problems involving homeless animals. Donations to City Critters are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our financial statements and IRS designation letter are available upon request.

Maddie's Fund

Maddie's Fund

Thanks to a generous grant from Maddie's Fund received at the end of 2015, we are working on increasing our outreach through social media and strengthening our foster network in order to help as many cats as possible — including cats that need extra TLC to get them ready for adoption, or sspecial promotion to attract adopters.

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

City Critters is a member of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

Mayor's Alliance

Pet Adoption Guide

CBSNewYork.com has teamed up with the Mayor’s Alliance to feature a dozen of the top shelters and rescue groups in the city. City Critters is very pleased to be one of the rescue groups included.